About the Thrift Store DJ


Feel free to contact me at dj@fruityfamily.com if you have any requests, comments or suggestions. If I have won a European lottery or have a long-lost relative with a pile of foreign currency that needs claiming, please just send me the money directly.

  1. Day’s avatar


    Great site. Freakishly similar style to my own. I’m a thrift store DJ in Missoula, Montana, and thought you should know about my project over here:


    I’ve added you to my blogroll, and I will try to be back here when I have some more time to post some comments and such. please feel free to do the same for me.

    keep it up.


  2. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Thanks for the encouraging comment and for adding me to your links. I’ll do the same.

  3. Cedric’s avatar

    Thanks for the music. Great site, keep on the good work.

  4. Andrea (Frey) Bass’s avatar

    Noting your Oct 2007 that Audio Fidelity Records are the gold nuggets of thrift store djs. They are, but look for the ones published BEFORE 1966. Artists include the Dukes of Dixieland, Al Hirt, Louis Armstrong, Johhny Puleo, Larry Adler, Patachou, and many more. Why do I know this? My dad was Sidney Frey, founder of A/F, He sold the company in 1966, and the subsequent owner, Herman Gimbel, just didn’t have the same sensibilities.
    Andrea (Frey) Bass akfbass@nyc.rr.com

  5. Bill B’s avatar

    I think I got one of these podolak cucumber records around the house here
    if I can find it. Very rare now, I think it’s about $20.00 If interested, please
    contact me. BB

  6. Tim’s avatar

    Great job, I’ve added your link to my thrift store site.

  7. Josh Eklow’s avatar

    Very nice site! I am a thriftstore DJ as well, spinning a show for University of Iowa’s KRUI 89.7

  8. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Glad you like the site Josh. Means a lot coming from a real DJ, not just a made up one like myself. Looks like you play some great tunes on your show. Everyone should check it out: Sunday nights from 8-9pm streaming at http://www.kruiradio.org/

  9. gOnzO’s avatar

    Hi there!

    Love your website, and I especially enjoy the radio feature!

    Have a listen to some of my podcasts, maybe you’ll find something you enjoy too!


  10. Phantom Third Channel’s avatar

    Dig yr site Man!…I too am I thrift store DJ…I’m on air Monday morning (Sunday Night) Midnight to 3 am EST on WPRK 91.5 FM Winter Park FL…you could listen if so inclined at http://www.wprkdj.org…once again GREAT SITE!

  11. Phantom Third Channel’s avatar

    Um. Yeah… The name of the show is Bargain Bin Bonanza….

  12. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Thanks for the comment! I look forward to giving your show a listen.

  13. Eligius4917’s avatar

    I’ve often wondered who bought these records …

  14. Wigwam Jones’s avatar

    I just discovered your blog, searching for more information on Grand Award Records. I hope you’ll be able to post some new entries, I really like your taste in music!

  15. Etienne’s avatar

    I’ve looked everywhere for Greek Party vol. 2 but could never find it. Thanks, your blog is awesome!


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