Teen Age Dance Party

Teen Age Dance Party

Put this record on today and any teenagers in earshot are likely to tell you to take your dusty old records back to the┬ánursing home. It’s hard to imagine that any teenager ever thought it was cool to dance the Hokey Pokey, but here its. But despite the hokeyness, there are some solid standards, including Mambo No. 5 and Tico-Tico. There’s some quality musicianship on this record, unlike the crap we foist on our teenagers today. And the teenagers back then not only had better music, they lived a life of leisure unknown to today’s modern teens. According to the back cover, “never before have teen-agers had so much leisure time to devote to dancing. With shorter school hours, less homework, and greater amounts of free time, the teen-agers of today have turned more to dancing as a means of relaxation and pleasure.” Kids, don’t let your parents fool you. They clearly had it much, much eaiser than you.

Everyone do the Walter Winchell Rhumba:

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Warning: According the the record jacket, “there┬ácan be no doubt as to whom this album is directed. The audience is young and spirited and composed entirely and exclusively of teen-agers.”

Teenage Dance Party.zip (31MB)


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