Ed Podolak and his PolkaCATS – 10 inch Cucumber

Ed Podolak and his PolkaCATS

Somewhere between Bull Moose Jackson and Aerosmith lies Ed Podolak and the 10 inch Cucumber. Stripped-down, low-budget, bare-bones polka is what you will find here, in other words, the best kind there is. Don’t be shy now…get up and dance around the living room…you know you want to.

And for all you polka haters out there, I have two words for you: MORE POLKAAAAAAAAAA!

Check out the Polka Box:

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PolkaCats.zip (45MB)

Side One:
The Polka Box
Life is a Hassle Polka
Blazing Smoke Stack Polka
Boop the Coop Oberek
The Proper Thing to Do Polka
10 inch Cucumber Polka

Side Two:
I Should Have Listened to Mama Polka
Hej! Come Dance a Polka
Bingo Polka
Goodnight Polka
My Girl Friend Mary Polka
Happy Snappy Polka

  1. Doug’s avatar

    Thanks for this one, it has a really good clarinet player, and they work the accordian player too. I like all the Polkas I can get, They’re all Wunnerful, Wunnerful.

  2. Phillip’s avatar

    Great find!!

  3. jon’s avatar

    where do i get one of these albums?

  4. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    I actually did find this one at a thrift store. Someone had brought in a bunch of old polka records, and this one was in the lot. Lucky really. Haven’t seen it before or since.

  5. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    That remix is totally awesome. Well done indeed. Thanks for linking it.

  6. Rabbi Jacore’s avatar

    no problem !
    thanx for the feedback, and for putting this “treasure” online !

  7. Jack Sanocki’s avatar

    I am glad you enjoyed the clarinet player!…I was Eddie’s clarinet player throughout the 70s…Good news! Eddie’s work is being re-mastered and will be available on CD soon.

    Ed Podolak was an amazing guy…He really loved Country Western music and combined his favorite country singers with his own spin. Johnny Cash was one of his favorites. See “I walk the line polka.”

    Just go to WMUA in Northhampton…and ask them to play something from Eddie’s library of songs…Especially “The Box.”

  8. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Wow, thanks for the comment Jack. It’s great to hear from someone who worked on this music! This album is probably my favorite here at the site. There’s really not a bad song on there. If you have any stories or anecdotes of playing with the group, I’d love to hear them.

  9. Billy B’s avatar

    All 3 of Podolak’s albums are now available on cds. They are part of the
    Rex Records collection from Holyoke, Mass. For more info and a current list
    of new cds by various Polka Artist, you can email zone72@aol.com Just
    ask to be put on the current mailing list.


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