Not Dead Yet!

Greetings all. I know it’s been a long time, so I thought I’d drop in and say that the site is not dead. I’ve still been scouring the bins and have some great finds to share. Late last year the site was hacked, which was the style at the time. I cleaned it up, but not good enough, and it was hacked again earlier this year. (These people are very serious about their sweepstakes and contests). Cleaned again and this time it looks the vermin might be finally eliminated. Hopefully have some albums up real soon.


  1. Britton’s avatar

    Good news, looking forward…

  2. Kurt L - KL in NYC’s avatar

    Why would anyone want to do damage? I never understand why hackers do what they do.

    I was just checking to see if you posted anything for the holidays.
    I’ve been “rushing around” to all the sites because I may be off line for a while — don’t have the money for the Internet monthly charges next week. So I’ll wish you a Happy Holiday now.

  3. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    A huge number of WordPress blogs were hacked by spammers last year. I don’t believe I was a specific target, just one of the many.

  4. John’s avatar

    Just found your blog. Great stuff… looks like I have a lot of hours ahead listening to some super music!
    Thank you and look forward to new posts!

  5. Camster’s avatar

    what’s this about sweepstakes?

  6. Jonathan’s avatar

    I hope you never close, I love the website… song 32 in your player, Invitation by Les Baxter inspired me to buy the EP it’s on, I found it cheap on Etsy, a little 45, plays great on my old rinky dink record player, but it’s magical and I enjoy it… I never would have learned of it without you.



  7. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Thanks! No plans to close. Still hoping to get new stuff up, but struggling to find the time. I’m feeling September is the month!

  8. B’s avatar

    How about some Christmas tunes?

  9. Jonathan’s avatar

    The problem I find is that many Thrift Stores simply do not carry vinyl anymore… I find most of my vinyl these days on Etsy and Ebay.

  10. Jonathan Berman’s avatar

    It’s a shame, no updates in a few years, did you lose interest? I shared the site with vinyl groups on Facebook, everyone loves what you got going on here.

  11. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Thanks for the comment! Haven’t lost interest…life just getting in the way. Haven’t been out to yard sales or thrift stores much. All the old posts are still up and available. Hope to have more up at some point. Should have some time in September to get things going. Let’s hope.

  12. Paul’s avatar

    Love your collection of music, and that it is STILL downloadable. I appreciate your work very much. Hope your life settles down a little bit and you find some vinyl so we can see some new posts, soon!

  13. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Thanks for the comment Paul! Still shooting for first part of September.


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