Joe Loco and His Quintet – Mambos

Joe Loco Mambos

Love the cover on this Tico 10-inch from Joe Loco. These are some laid-back Latin jazz tunes for your cocktail hour.

Enjoy “Why Don’t You Do Right”:

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Side One:
Why Don’t You Do Right
There’ll be Some Changes Made
I Only Have Eyes for You

Side Two:
Sadie Thompson Song
El Biaon
The Nearness of You

  1. Brad’s avatar

    This looks great, DL now. Thanks.

  2. B’s avatar

    Great cover, it has to be good…

  3. KLinNYC’s avatar

    I wish I could see the label. This looks like very early-50s TICO, but I’m not sure. Is George Goldner’s name on the back cover?

    George Goldner started TICO and produced the acts on it. He held onto the label while he started up dozens of early rock & roll labels for the groups he was producing (Gee/Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, End/Little Anthony & The Imperials, and many, many others). He sold all his labels, one by one, to nightclub owner Morris Levy to cover his gambling debts. Supposedly Morris Levy called his label Roulette because it started with a lot of master tapes of hit records that he had acquired because Goldner gambled. In the late 60s, Morris Levy sold the TICO to the Latin artists contracted to it. No collections from master tapes have shown up, yet. The commercial CDs of the early releases are awful quality — your sample sounds light-years better, and this album is probably worth bucks (please don’t tell me you found it at Goodwill for 50 cents, or bought it by the pound).

    After George Goldner managed Leiber & Stoller’s Red Bird records in the 60s, he went back to Latin music and started Cotique, which had some singles that crossed over to R&B and Pop. Some of the Cotique master tapes didn’t hold up well (the CDs are not as good as the vinyl), and the Latin Soul movement in the UK drove up the prices on the albums, so those LPs are worth bucks, too.

    Funny how no one ever mentions George Goldner here, although most people know the hits he produced. He’s held in high esteem in the UK and Europe.

  4. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Wow, thanks for the comment KL. I had a hard time tracking much down on this one. I will check the back cover. This was not a Goodwill “by the pound” album, but it was cheap. Sounds like I got a little lucky.


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