Around the World in One Night for $1.49 (Slightly higher west of the Rocky Mountains)

Seeco Sampler

Regular visitors to this blog (and I’m not sure why there would be any given the erratic frequency of posting) know of my love for the Seeco record label. Well imagine my joy when I stumbled upon this gem at the local Goodwill outlet store. If you’ve never been to a Goodwill outlet store, it’s worth a trip just for the spectacle. Picture row after row of troughs, filled with the dregs and unwanted leftovers and castoffs from the thrift stores from the surrounding area. There’s always a sizable crowd of people digging through the troughs, and another long line anxiously awaiting the arrival of new troughs to be wheeled out. Everything is sold by the pound, so yes, this record was purchased by the pound. I bought a Gameboy and this record for the grand total of 79 cents.

Given the nature of this discovery, you can rightly imagine that the condition of the vinyl is less than ideal. In my mind, the music more than outshines the cracks and pops, and in fact, adds to the charm in my opinion. This one is a winner, no matter how you slice it.

This is a sampler of the Seeco “Una Noche en …” series. There are twelve Una Noche albums featured on the cover, and I have never actually seen any of them in the wild. Google tells me there was a series of samplers.

Check out “El Bombon de Elena”:

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Side One:
Havana – Micaela – Joseph Trouillot with Ernest Lamy Orch.
Mexico – Alma Triste – Mariachi Tres Piedras
Buenos Aires – Adios Muchachos – Hermanos Alak & Orch.
Rio – Samba Blanca – Noro Morales Orch.
Madrid – El Relicario – Espana Orch.
Caracas – Tu Rica Boca – Carlos Argentino with Sonora Matancera

Side Two:
Puerto Rico – El Bombon de Elena – Ismael Rivera with Cortijo and his Combo
Lisboa – Uma Casa Portuguesa – Marciel Bianchi & his Guitar
Bogota – Cuando Vuelvas Conmigo – Alberto Beltran with Hector de Leon and his Conjunto
Quisqueya – El Sombrero de Gaspar – Jaime Richetti with Conjunto Tipico Cibaeno Angel Viloria
Paris – Grands Boulevards – Aimable & his Parisians
Roma – Chichilo – Los Cuatro Acordeones

  1. Doc Noc’s avatar

    Thanks for all these wonderful and bizarre lp’s. so many sites are being shut down so I’m in a frantic search for that LOST sound that so many care nothing for these gems! Thanks a lot!

    Doc Noc!

  2. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    You’re welcome! Thank you for the comment. Hope to have some more stuff up soon.

  3. Natalie Elliott’s avatar

    Hello there:

    I work for the Oxford American Magazine and we’re currently researching our upcoming Southern Music Issue. This year, we’re focusing on music from the state of Mississippi. We’re big fans of your blog and were hoping you might have a few pop/garage/novelty/bubblegum artists you think we should check out.

    Thanks for your input on this! Keep up the good work.

    All best,

    Natalie Elliott

  4. Joe Macbride’s avatar

    Funny….I just picked this very platter up at a Goodwill store in N.H…..It’s in pretty swell condition. I think I have a Jose’ Mellis on this label as well.

  5. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Cool! Anything on this label is worth picking up I think. I’ve never seen this one since.


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