Don Johnson – King of Organ with a Beat Vol. 3

I think this is perhaps one of the strangest album covers ever — not sure what the bikini-clad dancer Dali painting is doing on a cover with the self-proclaimed “King of Organ” complete with crown and robe, but here we are, and I like it here! The music is top-notch with snappy arrangements of some standards of the day, pretty lively stuff.

Have a listen to Brazil:

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Side One
Sweet Georgia Brown
Tea for Two (Cha-Cha)
Moonglow and Theme (from “Picnic”)
Jalousie (Tango)
Bye Bye Blues

Side Two
Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue
The Breeze and I
Happy Organ
The Shiek of Araby
Mighty Low

  1. camster’s avatar

    now you have to quest for volumes 1 & 2

  2. virgil’s avatar

    Hello TS DJ. This one is great. Although in my memories of the Miami Vice show, I thought Don was alot hipper (maybe it’s the crown throwing me off). I have bought some of the “no namer” albums hoping for an undiscovered gem, only to have dug up a lump of coal. But here you have a legit national music treasure (okay, maybe I’m going a little too far). I’m not lounge expert (hard to tell isn’t it), but instead of labeling exotica, I would put it under “lounge standards” or “organ lounge”. Organ lounge is kinda cheating though, because exotica is a type of music, organ is an instrument to make music. Oh well, thanks alot for the share.

  3. Kurt L from NY’s avatar

    I agree with Camster about Volumes 1 & 2 — there might also be a Volume 4!

  4. Kurt L from NY’s avatar

    I just checked and this guy has got a bunch of (affordable) 45s on Kandy. No LPs — people must have kept those.

  5. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    Yeah, I don’t believe I have ever seen anything on this label before this one came along. And really, just because this is Volume 3, doesn’t mean I need volumes 1 & 2. Really. Nope. Don’t need ’em. Honest.

  6. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    What’s funny is now I’m seeing “Don Johnson” showing up in my search terms, and I really doubt people are searching for “King of Organ” Johnson and not “Sonny Crockett” Johnson. But yet, they find a great record instead of pastel sport coats. This makes me smile inwardly.

  7. Armpit Studios’s avatar

    Year please?

  8. Thrift Store DJ’s avatar

    If I know the year, I’ll include it in the post. So if anyone else can find out, I’ll add it in.

  9. smiley’s avatar

    I know this guy


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